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For me, there are two ultimate questions.
How can we increase in well-being in the world?
How can we decrease suffering in the world?
I am a university student specializing to answer these questions in a largest possible scale, using meta-science.


Health and behavioral scientists do studies about people. Meta-scientists in health and behavioral sciences do studies about studies about people. Meta-science looks the big picture, often all existing studies about the topic. That means dozens, hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of studies to answer what works what doesn’t work, what increases well-being, what decreases suffering.


More specifically I am interested in scoping reviews, systematic reviews and meta-analyses of experiments and interventions in the field of positive psychology, well-being, positive health.

I have currently two articles in progress:

-Touko Kuusi, Frank Martela. Does prosocial behavior increase well-being in controlled experiments? A systematic review and a meta-analysis. PROSPERO 2016:CRD42016036341 Available from http://www.crd.york.ac.uk/PROSPERO/display_record.asp?ID=CRD42016036341

-Scoping (systematic) review on compassion related interventions in Compassion the Research project in Helsinki university

I am passionate to help and co-operate with systematic reviews, so please contact if you have thoughts or need help with systematic reviews


Student, Aalto University, University of Helsinki


My second passion is to bring scientific knowledge about positive psychology and well-being to practice.

I am volunteering as a treasurer in Finnish Positive Psychology Association. Secondly I am an organizer in Kehitystö (https://kehitysto.wordpress.com/), Finnish volunteer science help community with a vision to become “toastmasters of self-development”. In Kehitystö  I have also written in Finnish many thorough but easy to read evidence based blog post about positive psychology topics such as gratitude, forgiveness, compassion.